The best thing to do when starting to learn to drive is to go with a driving school, even if your intentions at some stage are to have private lessons, the right thing for you to do is to develop best practice and the correct driving habits.

Many parents or partners are willing to help family with driving lessons however unwittingly private practice can cause more harm than good. Picking up not just bad habits but simply by not creating good habits from the beginning can add to the cost of you learning to drive. For example many people will not perform a shoulder check when driving off, have a look if your parents are doing that. Don’t say a thing, just observe. Its one of the easily forgotten tasks of driving and its not a good habit to have when you are forgetting to perform a shoulder check, it can lead to a driving test fail.

If you take beginner driving lessons with a professional driving school the first 2 lessons consist of a cockpit drill and “moving off and stopping”. Its in the moving off and stopping skill where you will first encounter the shoulder check and it is vital to get this right.

On your very first driving lesson you will be taken to a quiet location and away from your home, it can be a bit nervy driving away from where you live and a bit embarrassing when you make mistakes, because the will happen.

We’d be delighted if you chose our driving school to help you get your driving licence, All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.